Insight Consulting, LLC.

Brand Discovery and Development

Every organization has a brand-a set of perceived qualities and associations that collectively express what it means to its stakeholders. Your organization may or may not be cultivating the specifics of this 'image' consciously, but it's there just the same-the lingering imprint of all your interactions with the public.

Our Brand Vistas team has helped scores of clients-commercial, not-for-profit, and public sector--engage and inspire critical communities through the value (and values) that the organization embodies. Working collaboratively with decision makers, Insight's Brand Vistas team crafts the foundation and the strategy for cultivating vibrant, self-sustaining communities of constituents, customers, and admirers.

In most cases, we begin with your business case and strategy, your cultural and operational realities, and a commitment to discover the authentic personality and know-how that set your culture, aspirations, and offerings apart. In a word, we identify and amplify the inherent values most likely to attract and sustain word-of-mouth communities of customers, constituents, admirers, and observers.

Our approach is practical, flexible, and scalable, combining thorough discovery "inside the walls" with expert industry and market research. And we regularly apply a parallel approach to critical human capital challenges, crafting Talent Brands geared to a dual objective: attracting potential employees and developing fully committed workforces at all levels.