Insight Consulting, LLC.

Corporate Culture Consulting

Institutional culture is the "engine" that can make or break business strategy and execution. The degree of engagement of your workforce is a critical success factor, along with the resources you provide to foster productivity, team building, professional development, and personal satisfaction.

Insight consultants undertake a wide spectrum of assignments, from engagement surveys, to internal communications, to strategic alignment and inclusion workshops and analyses. A key premise in our work is the notion that corporate culture can be the most vibrant foundation for an enterprise's activities in its marketplace. That's why our Value Platform approach pays such careful attention to discovery within the organization, with surveys, focus groups, and employee workshops prominent among our activities.

Because of its scope, our work consistently calls on skills in management consulting, organizational development, primary research, interviewing, analysis, and strategy development. We're convinced that no competitor offers a methodology as comprehensive in scope, nor one as creative and strategic in outcome.