Insight Consulting, LLC.

Creative Services

The special kind of creativity that we call strategic imagination is the magic bullet in Insight Consulting's work. Our team can satisfy every internal communication, marketplace, or branding objective with the creative resources at our disposal. Copywriting--particularly ghostwriting and long-form pieces-has always been a strong specialty. In fact, many new clients come to us because of our reputation for expressing complex material clearly, concisely, and-where necessary-- persuasively.

We've developed annual reports, full length books and book chapters, guidebooks, video scripts, consulting reports, scores of brochures, Web sites, ad copy, corporate journalism, and dozens of Brand Action Charters, the hefty analyses and brand engagement strategies that we develop to support every client's Value Platform.

Clients who enlist our help for the first time often come with requests for hands-on writing (or ghostwriting) support in presenting their intellectual capital in a compelling form. That's a starting point that makes sense in today's world of connected communities. If you let your distinctive expertise devolve into an inert and droning background theme, you're missing a strategic opportunity.