Insight Consulting, LLC.


Our first love was brand development and the elaboration of intellectual capital-the special business insight, know-how, and accrued savvy-that set organizations apart. We called our team "Brand Vistas". As we worked with more clients over the years, we came to see that an enterprise's culture and its brand were entirely interdependent.

We still do brand discovery, marketplace strategy, and creative development/ ghostwriting for clients. It's the foundation of our business. But today many of our assignments are anchored in the sometimes tangible, sometimes submerged values that characterize the culture of enterprises and their teams. This is the reason Insight Consulting came about, why we absorbed Brand Vistas into it more extensive services offering.

So it shouldn't be surprising that today much of our work focuses first inside the walls of our clients. There we do organizational development, inclusion consulting, knowledge management, and team-building in addition to (or in support of) our value platform brand development.

For a glimpse into how we approach the branding-corporate culture continuum with a focus on recruiting and retention, check out "Rethinking Talent Brands", our recent article in The Journal of Corporate Recruiting Leadership.