Insight Consulting, LLC.


At Insight Consulting, we harness the brand power that emerges when imagination and intelligent insight intersect. In a world where word-of-mouth enthusiasm can make or break the success of a corporate or marketing or human capital strategy, communal contagion wins the battle.

Even a brilliant brand concept will fall flat without informed and insightful campaign planning and a precisely calibrated audience strategy. Insight can build a brand or marketing strategy with the reach and scope necessary to inspire attraction, affinity, action, and buzz in the communities your organization needs to reach. And we're fluent in all modes: print, online, electronic, ambient, events, viral, social. And we've designed and executed campaigns for organizations large and small, and more than a few with outreach budgets in the millions.

Communities of interest are the perpetual-motion engines of brand engagement today. They can be massive or tiny, organized or ad hoc, visible or invisible. What's unmistakable is the effect when you engage them successfully. If you sound the right notes for a given community, its members rush to embrace, nurture, and share the value (or values) they perceive in your brand.